Kill My Coquette At The Three Clubs, Saturday December 20th 2014

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Kill My Coquette

Kill My Coquette is not afraid to show their influences, and they hold them front row thanks to their killer frontgirl, while bringing something new in the mix. The quartet was playing at the Three Clubs last Saturday night, and I got the chance to be invited in the intimate place, realizing during the show, as they were revealing a strong personality and tons of energy, they could possibly soon break big. Kill My Coquette has to be a great moniker, part aggressive and part feminine, a duality that front girl Natalie Denise Sperl (on vocals and guitar) perfectly embodied during their eight-song set, while being surrounded by Dave Stucken on lead guitar, Mike Evans on bass and Kelly Hagerman on drums. First of all, she is very pretty – well, she is a model and an actress who has already made a name by appearing in movies like ‘Around the World in 80 Days, or TV shows like ‘Two and a Half Men’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, or ‘CSI: Miami’ – but the former Esquire cover girl didn’t try to be the beautiful poseur girl. On stage she moved like a rock star, snarled like Billy Idol, went from sensual to raucous and could rock very hard while keeping her physique of femme fatale intact! She was the hip groupie-type turned rock star herself, the James Bond girl with the tough attitude and commanding like a guy.

The influences were all over the place and if I would gladly prefer to bring a Joan Jett or a Brody Dalle comparison than a Courtney Love one – although Natalie had somewhat the grunge queen’s drawl – there was a sort of retro punk twist with a touch of darkness à la Nico in all this, as they were taking more inspiration from the New York Dolls or 80s punk bands than from recent bluesy garage rock revival la White Stripes. The sound was a bit dirty, with some aggressive bluesy stomp and the delivery was passionate and raw. Even the songs which started like some bluesy noir numbers, ended up being total rockers played with attitude and swagger. Legs apart, and wearing some bare outfit totally inappropriate for some December weather, Sperl obviously had some Iggy Pop envy, and they actually covered ‘I Wanna Be your Dog’ with impetuosity and a tambourine in hand. Although it was more or less surfacing during the show, it became more obvious when they played their single ‘3rd and Bonnie Brae’ at the end of their set, the song had some poppy punk sound driven by Natalie’s sexy guitar play and big hooks à la Social Distortion, a band that was essential in her career move: ‘Social Distortion is the reason I finally got around to make music,’ she declared in an interview.

But if you needed more proof that Sperl is more than a pretty girl, she actually wrote and arranged the songs of their upcoming EP – that the band recorded at Evelyn Martin Recordings in Los Angeles with Tom Waits and Social Distortion’s producer, Danny McGough. So wait for Kill My Coquette’s EP set to be released on January 20th, but meanwhile check them out below:

Supermodel Blues
Post Teenage Angst
Trophy Girrl
Festival Boy
Close to Me
I Wanna Be your Dog
Sweet Baby Blooze
3rd and Bonnie Brae

More pictures of the show here.


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