Kim Kardashian Robbery Is Making People Suspicious

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reunited


By now, you have heard the news, Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris where she was attending fashion week. This has forced Kanye to interrupt his concert which was part of the Meadows Music & Arts Festival in New York on Sunday, and to postpone a few upcoming concerts this week.  According to the latest news, the robbers were masked, but dressed as policemen, and had apparently no problem to enter the hotel where Mrs. West was staying. They tied her up and took her jewelry worth at least $9 or 10 million. It is a dramatic episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, and this story keeps on giving. First there is Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld who makes a good point, by sort of blaming the reality star for traveling with $10 million worth of jewelry, with no security guard (she was alone at the time), in a hotel with no real security, while constantly displaying her $4 million ring on social media.

He has a point, this story is strange, Telegraph reports that the discreet hotel had no security camera in its internal courtyard, despite the fact that this place is used to famous guests like Brad Pitt and Mick Jagger, is described by the Telegraph as a uber-select Airbnb for the super-rich, and requires at least 2 code entries to enter. Nevertheless these thieves had no problem to enter and rob the famous star at gun point, taking her jewelry and 2 of her smartphones – just imagine how much personal info they will be able to get from these! According to certain French sources, at least one of the thieves fled using a bike,.. a bike? That sounds like a comedy.

Kim, after having been ‘badly shaken but physically unharmed’ is back in the US, but a lot of people are not buying her story. All kinds of conspiracy theories are flourishing on the internet right now. I browsed a lot of comments on English and French sites, and basically beside people who hate Kim Kardashian, people who lament about the bad image this story is giving to France, or even people who are furious of the attention the media give to this story when there are so many more serious and important subjects to cover… a lot of people are saying this is a scam in order to cash money insurance… Didn’t Kanye say they were broke a little while ago? Or could it be a publicity stunt to boost the rating of the Kardashians reality show? Honestly who travels with $10 million in jewelry without any security? Of course these are wild speculations.

But it didn’t take long for the NYDailyNews to ask the opinion of Kim and Kanye’s ex-bodyguard Steve Stanulis: ‘It wouldn’t surprise me’ he said, adding she was really not careful. ‘If it is true, someone should tell Kim not to go on Snapchat telling everyone where you’re going and what you’re going to wear. If this really did happen, she opened herself up to it.’

Meanwhile the Daily Mail UK interviewed Matt Fiddes, Michael Jackson’ former bodyguard, who also thinks the story is fishy: ‘She should have absolutely not have been left alone without security, it is all very fishy’… ‘When you are carrying expensive jewelry such as that, it is not unusual for the jewelry itself to have its own bodyguard’… ‘It’s a different world now with social media and by showing off your wealth you are becoming a target.’… ‘It is normal for celebrities on her level to bring your own security team’… ‘I would have said she should have had seven or eight security people on the outside of the building and another two or three more trusted people inside’…’In America, when I was with Michael Jackson we would also have a link to local police and they would come right away if there was an incident.’

Is it enough to convince you? As for TMZ, they got US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to speak up about the case, and I have news, he is also suspicious of the whole thing: ‘Even Kardashian’s thief, if there is one, believes that all that jewelry is insured. So, it’s not theft?’

The Mirror has another theory and suspects it was an inside job since ‘the raiders may have known the whereabouts of the reality star from an employee at the hotel or someone in her team’… ‘French police suspect that the five alleged robbers had some contact with her security and were tipped off about her procedures’. And this sounds the more probable theory so far. But Twitter is totally convinced it was a stunt, the story is trending everywhere, and you have to admit this is the only reason why the Kardashians exist.

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