“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” Review

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If you have 2 thirteen year old boys, then throw this to the top of your must see on a 90 degree day list. The opening scenes of giant mastadons ripping apart bridges and crushing castles set the incomprehensible plot up well.

This movie is bad in a way that doesn’t make it good, but I appreciate that although thousands were slaughtered by swords, there was nary a drop of blood to be seen. I’m squeamish that way.

I also loved the homage to The Little Mermaid with the octopus fat lady and her siren mermaid daughter things.
Young Arthur’s uncle, the power thirsty Vortigern is either a big firey demon or a sniveling wreck who routinely stabs his daughters and tosses them out to the tentacled octopus lady thing who promises him power. But it all goes wrong as Arthur learns the legend of the sword which reveals to him his birthright. Arthur as true king can alone pull the sword from the stone. -Which also happens to be his father… nevermind.

This movie is epic in the way a cast of seemingly thousands will make a movie so. So if you are looking for heroic and legendary sword fights, this is the one to see. This is a movie best to watch and not to think.


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