King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Want You To Press Your Own Vinyl

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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard at Desert Daze


You can’t be more popular than King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, I saw them at Desert Daze, where they were playing just before Iggy Pop,and the place was packed and the insane energy went to the roof. It was chaos, a mayhem of crowd surfing and everyone on the first row (like myself) got their ribs crushed over and over against the ramp. The band from Melbourne Australia reminded me about Thee Oh Sees, energy-wise, and I am sure that no recorded version of their music can match their live shows.

Nevertheless, the very prolific band has released a new album, their 12th, on Bandcamp, and the good and surprising news is that it’s totally free. You can stream and even download the ridiculously named ‘Polygondwanaland’. But it goes beyond this, the generous band is doing more than what Radiohead did with ‘In Rainbows’, they are encouraging fans to make physical copies of the album.

‘There’s quite a few ways you can press records badly, as well. When we talked about doing this, I was super adamant about giving people a vinyl master,’ said Stu Mackenzie, frontman and guitarist of the bang. ‘That’s what people are getting on Friday, an actual master copy to give to a vinyl plant, where everything is done and ready to go. It’s still fuck-up-able! But it’s a lot harder to fuck up when the guy who we always work with has done a vinyl master. It’s more or less good to go.’

Pressing our own vinyl? Is this the future of record release, little cost for the band and maximum expense for those who are still attached to these things. ‘The main thing: people should definitely check their test pressings’, he continued. ‘You get a test pressing and all manner of things can be wrong with it. But if you trust your ears, and it sounds fine, you can usually go ahead. We also thought it’d be funny to not give people any other art aside from the front cover. They can make their own back cover and spine. We’ll give people the info and the lyrics if they want to put together other bits and pieces, but that’s open to interpretation too. I don’t know what people are gonna do, or if people have thought through that part yet. Good luck to them. I hope it turns into a creative thing. My main hope was that it would help form some things… I mean, the whole world’s probably gonna end soon anyway. But it’s nice to connect with people, and I hope this release can do that.’

You have to love Stu Mackenzie, the world is probably gonna end soon, so let’s press our own vinyl and make our own cover album!

‘Polygondwanaland does not belong to us. Anyone can sell it. make money off it. listen to it. sync it. put it in their movie. play it at their party. whatever they want,’ tweeted the band in a pretty revolutionary move, and that’s never heard of.


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