Kitten playlist

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I got a new kitten from the Humane Society today, and called her Lhach, which is Elvish for Flame.  Here are some tunes that are… cat-related

1.  "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat"- from The Aristocats.  One of the greatest Disney movies ever, and it's cat themed.  This was one of my favourite tunes to dance around too when I was really little.

2.  "If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out"- Cat Stevens.  …ahem, Cat Stevens.

3.  "The Cat Came Back"- The Muppets.  The Muppets songs are always so fun and catchy, and this was hard to resist. 

4.  "The Lovecats"- The Cure.  So danceable, and fantastic.  The Cure's wonderful, likewise for felines.

5.  "Cat's In The Well"- Bob Dylan.  My kitten is so rambunctious I wouldn't be surprised if she got stuck somewhere too- this song really speaks for that of a cat's true character.

6.  "Cat People"- David Bowie.  Two fantastic things in one- Bowie and cats. 

Meet the new furry member of rocknyc!  Remember, if you're considering an addition to your family, please check out your local shelter!

Cats are the best after all- they've inspired so much!


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