Koji and La Dispute are Peacemaker​s

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Koji and La Dispute did a song together called "Peacemaker".  It's not recent, but I just heard it a little while ago and it's really grown on me.

The song is so simple, but really has a resonation that is wonderful and haunting.  I can't stop listening to it.  The singer's voice has such a strong quality that really but isn't overpowering.  It really fits the song and is stunning.  It leaves a strong impression because it's so unique as a whole and packs a punch.  I've never heard anything like this song, and that really excites me.  The sheer talent that's displayed in this tune shows promise and it's addicting. 

The lyrics are beautiful, too.  They're just accentuated by the singer's raw and powerful voice.  The way the instruments support his voice really pulls the song together and makes it interesting to listen to.  It's just so dynamic.

Give it a listen:


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