Lady Gaga Forced To Cancel Sold Out Gig In Jakarta Because of Muslim Protesters

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We may now be cool with gay marriage but the biggest supporter of gay rights in the US, just got a big slap in the face: According to the Washington post, Lady Gaga has to cancel her sold-out show in Jakarta, Indonesia following protests by Islamic groups who think she is about to corrupt young people.


Her permit for her ‘Born This Way Ball’ concert has been denied because of the suggestive nature of her show, which is apparently the worst threat for the morality of this country of millions of Muslims. Because security could not be guarantee, as people were ready to use physical force to prevent her landing, what was supposed to be Gaga’s biggest Asian show (Jakarta has a 52,000-seat stadium) will never happen.


Three Islamic groups are involved, describing her style ‘vulgar’, but just read what Salim Alatas, the Jakarta head of hardline Islamic Defender Front (FPI) had to say:

She's a vulgar singer who wears only panties and a bra when she sings and she stated she is the envoy of the devil's child and that she will spread satanic teaching. This is dangerous.’


Satanic teaching? Where did he get that one? I thought that she only wanted to fuck Judas, and Muslims don’t care about Judas, do they?


What can I say, these people live in another century, in another geological period, they keep their women under Burkas, so Gaga in full bra may come as a shock indeed. Muslim extremists have the biggest problem in the world with sexuality, as they come just behind the American Santorum-type.


I know what some are gonna say, it’s their country, they have the right to accept whom they want, but we have the right to criticize and condemn such actions. I have no respect toward theocracies which keep their people under such irrational control. People always say we have to respect others’ believes, but I really don’t, especially when they trigger violence: some of them wanted to use physical force against Lady Gaga, and violence cannot be confused with free speech.

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