Lady Gaga Is A Mess (For Dummies)

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Born This Mess





















I am a big Lady Gaga fan, at least in theory, but in practice, her career has become one long “what the hell is she thinking of now?” When you work so hard getting from A To B, you’d hope it would be over but it had only just begins. At the level Gaga has been playing at, getting there isn’t close to being the trick.

In May 2009, Lady Gaga played two shows at Terminal 5, a show I couldn’t get a tix for, it was part of her The Fame Tour, and both nights were fast sell outs and I didn’t have the ticket buying chops I have today. At the time Jon Caramanica of the New York Times wrote: “the music an odorless, colorless, almost unnecessary additive to the Lady Gaga spectacle, providing form and little more.”

Jon was wrong of course, and Gaga was on her way. From, say, August 2008 to May 2011, and despite a meatdress here and there, Gaga could do no wrong. Nonstop touring and nonstop music, including her superb (personal best) The Fame Monster EP.

But things went wrong with Born This Way, a little artistically.

1. “Born This Way” was a rewrite of “Express Yourself”.

2. The album itself was weak, though popular. It was too soon for such a dip oin quality.

3. An extended fight with Madonna got too nasty. What started as a form of joke ended as cat fighting and arrogance and ignorance.

4. Lady Gaga’s outsider status took a hit and a bad one with “A Very Gaga Holiday”. An unspeakable TV special and album.

5. Suddenly she was Elton John’s sons Godmother and Tony Bennett’s muse.

6. Gaga became truly embroiled in the fame monster. She got what she wanted, and expected, and the only possible reaction was her reaction: she changed herself.

7. Running wildly out of control, on adrenaline if nothing else, then she got lucky: due to a labral tear in her hip , on February 2013 and cancelled the rest of the Born This Way tour (two weeks before I was meant to see her at MSG).

8. That should have been enough to quiet her down and concentrate her efforts.

9. But while I for one love “Applause”, the truth is it hasn’t sold the way it is meant to have, it does sound too close to “Girls Gone Wild”.

10. And she got upstaged by Miley Cyrus of all people at the VMAs.

Now she needs to rush release another song to make up for “Applause” and in between she has claimed she is living her life in constant fear of stalkers. Of whom there wil be either

Bad News More


Bad News Less

I think Artpop will kill it (I saw her yesterday at the VMAs) , It better had.


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