Lady Gaga Is Replacing Beyonce At Coachella

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Lady Gaga


According to Billboard, Lady Gaga will replace Beyonce at Coachella.The Queen Bey cancelled (or postponed depending on how you see it) her performance after announcing she was pregnant with twins, and there was a lot of speculation about her potential replacement.

So it doesn’t come as the surprise they picked Gaga, she is a high-profile female performer, and she is a pop singer who just played the Super Bowl,… just like Beyonce. Gaga is the perfect fit, but she is also a very predictable one. Coachella has lost its edge a long time ago, and that’s not because they also booked Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar that they are not becoming the new KISS FM/iHeartRadio festival in the desert. Now, if Lady Gaga brings up a guest, she has to be careful with Tony Bennett, the guy is 90 and the desert heat is brutal!… but I forgot, she will probably duet with her favorite bearded man, Father John Misty who also plays the festival.

I wonder what is the overlap between Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s fans… Many people resold their tickets at the news of Beyonce’s cancellation, so are they regretting now? or are they too absorbed in their adoration for the Queen B to even give Gaga a chance? Ticket prices had fallen since Beyonce’s withdraw, and you can still find some below $500 on StubHub, which is very low, believe me. Will Lady Gaga make the prices go up again? Probably, she is very popular, but it’s gonna be a Gaga’s Little Monsters versus Bey’s BeyHive fight till the end in social media, I bet these two teams would slaughter each other if they could.

The news has spread everywhere, although no official confirmation has been made, but as the LA Weekly notices, it is a bit surprising as Coachella is run by Goldenvoice (AXS) while Gaga’s tour is produced by their main rival, Live Nation.

Lady Gaga will play two consecutive Saturday nights in Indio, on April 15 and 22, and this means she will be really busy in the upcoming months as her Joanne World Tour kicks off August 1st in Vancouver, and ends mid December in Inglewood. She may soon collapse from exhaustion, and if she can avoid this, she should certainly take a long rest after this.

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