Lady Gaga Jumps The Shark For 60 Minutes

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Did I miss the meeting? When did Lady Gaga go from the coolest to the most thoroughly tedious person in pop?

It didn’t take much did it?

Lady Gaga followed the worst song of her career, the dire Madonna rip “Born This Way” with the most thoroughly pathetic interview in 60 Minutes, a boring piece of wank proving how, er, inclusive she is. Memo to the Gagged one, gay rights is so 20th Century. In 1987, with AIDS exploding, and the world enduringly negatively gay unfriendly…. ergo circa <adonna, got it, good for you. For fuck’s sake an out talking head is interviewing you for 60 minutes.

Yeah, that stench is indeed condescension.

Than she arrives at the Grammys in an egg and sucks again.

There is zero way Lady Gaga can compare with Madonna with one good album, one good add to of the first album, a godawful remix album and a song she is lucky Madonna doesn’t feel threatened and not sued her for plagiarism.

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