Lady Gaga Teams Up With Urban Outfitters To Sell Her Gaga•UO•Joanne

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Lady Gaga knows how to make a buck, she has cashed in from deals with Versace and MAC, as well as her own Fame fragrance, she grosses an average of $1.3 million per city on tour, and she is supposedly worth between $275 and $280 million.

However, it’s never enough, and she has teamed up with Urban Outfitters, the hippest clothing brand around, to launch her exclusive, limited-edition 10-piece collection, Gaga•UO•Joanne. Looking at Gaga’s wardrobe over the years, we can expect the best and the worst, the most outrageous things? No, just boring long-sleeve shirts, T-shirts, plus a hoodie, a muscle tee, a bomber, as well as a baseball hat and tote bag. The most ordinary merch!

Although Gaga•UO•Joanne will be available on Friday, May 19th at Urban Outfitters throughout North America, certain websites have some pics of what will be available, and all this looks really plain and ordinary to me, can’t people already buy a shirt with Gaga’s pink hat at the merch table after one of her concerts? Sure, but now you can buy it all the time and it’s all good for Gaga’s business. Prices ranges from $16 for the tote bag to $279 for that bomber, and it will be available in all of the retailer’s North American outposts.

Adding to the clothing line, Urban Outfitters will also release a signature pink vinyl iteration of Joanne in a limited edition on Friday… once again, nothing out of the ordinary, her friend Father John Misty did this too, and totally redundant, why would you want a hot pink vinyl?

Lady Gaga wears the most incredible outfits, and since she is an LGBT equality advocate, her audience is largely composed of the gay transgender community,…so she should think about that, instead of selling boring shirts and bombers.



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