Larry O. Dean's Zenith Beast Music reissues

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If you're from Flint, Michigan and was raised there in the 1980s, there might be no better apprenticeship than working with legendary documentarian Michael Moore.

That's what Larry o. Dean did and it has served him well.

Dean lived in the severely depressed area and from there wrote for the alternative press, released books of poetry and played in local bands as well as recording two solo albums. He spent a decade a decade in San Francisco where his record label was an alternative haven and where he discovered and recorded one of the great power pop bands you don't know, the stalled child of the Romantics and the dB's, the Fussbudgets.

Larry is currently working on his third solo album , produced by Chris Stamey of the dB's, as well as reissuing Zenith Beasts back catalog.

If you do nothing else, buy Larry's stupendous Feeding Lions To The Christians and the Fussbudgets where has it been all my life? Hog Wash! Both of these albums are lost gem pop rock gems of the first order. Larry is a dazzling act of virtuosity it hopscotches from genre to genre, and if I had been aware of the Fussbudgets at the time they were recording I would have zealously tracked them down.

Friend Zenith Beast on Facebook and pony up the dough -you're in for a treat!


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