Last Call: Final Songs Off Last Week’s New Releases: 9-18-15 9-24-15

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I Wanna Be There – Alabama – The love of a man for his newborn daughter is not necessarily a saccharine , nauseating, cliche filled piece of trash when made into a song, but it is here – D-

The Woods – Angel Haze – A full blooded yet minimal r&b ballad – B+

Make me A Believer – Andy Mineo – Ooooh, rapping for Jesus , who must be rolling over in his grave (it’s a joke)- D

Departures – blessthefall – -i feel like the antichrist after holy water has been thrown in his ears – D

Tree Tree – Chief Keef – Fucking autotune, knock it off – D+

Misery Chain – Chris Cornell – This stuff is brutal, it is beyond bad – D-

Jesus Is The Rock (That Keeps Me Rolling) – Darlene Love – Rollicking Gospel, hey, you’d have faith as well if after forty minutes of bombast you pull one out of the hat – B+

Home Movies (Over Your Shoulder) – David Cook – I can not even, surreally and unconsciousably horrible – D-

And Then… David Gilmour – Sounds like Dire Straits – B-

Visions Of Johanna – Grateful Dead – What I hated about the concert album was the concept not the content, this is OK, Jerry Garcia gives it a run through – B-

Serenity – Home Free – a capella. makes you want to shoot up the range – D

Lover’s Plea – Keith Richards – Croak croak croak, if he could sing the song might be a nice pastiche, well, no actually, that bridge sucks – C-

Don’t Let Me be Misunderstood – Lana Del Rey – Taking us out with a cover – B-

Georgia – Lydia – I dismissed the album earlier this week but on second listen, this melodic indie band are pretty good and this is not the worst song ever with Georgia in its name – B

Feather – Meg Myers – “Dust my feathers” indeed -it is like Lana Del Rey for people who are down, yes, but not that down – C+

The Shade (Acoustic) – Metrics – An awful EDM pop band, the original wasn’t much but it was the best of a bad lot, but this but the acoustic version is worse – D+

That’s What We Call Love – Robert Delong – Low key take out – B

Disaster In Motion – Robert Forster – Forster is like a musical miser, he tweaks his songs like you’d tweak a penny, till what’s left is a skeletal brutal downer – C+

Clean – Ryan Adams – Not bad, especially the chorus  – C+

Misfits – Shinedown – Has a halfway decent band ever come out of Jacksonville, FLA? I can’t think of one – D

That Cannot Die Which Has Been Dead For All Eternity – The Black Dahlia Murders – I don’t see what they need for all eternity part…. overkill? – D

Plastic Flowers – The Front Bottoms- I hate on the Front Bottoms because they sucked so bad when I saw em live and because their songs don’t click for me often enough. But that isn’t never, this is a very clever song on death. “Just because something burns bright doesn’t mean it burns forever…” and then offers a singalong “I believe that someone has a plan for me…,” – B+

Stuck With Me – Timeflies – You think I’m being a jerk? You go listen to it – D





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