LCD Soundsystem “Shut Up And Play The Hits” In Theaters This Summer

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Hipster party time!  Yup, its official "Shut Up And Play The Hits” will be screened in North America this summer.After its debut at Sundance (hipster heaven!) its been picked up but Oscilliscope Laboratories (sounds like a pharmacutical firm!)

The documentary will feature footage from the nearly sold-out show, which was the end of the band LCD Soundsystem  Of course, rocknyc was actually at the gig and and said goodbye to Murphy as real fans would. 

In addition to documenting the  band’s farewell concert, Oscilloscope Laboratories states the film shows fans “an intimate portrait of James Murphy as he navigates both the personal and professional ramifications of his meteoric decision” to call it quits.

Wait.  Was this a meteoric as they're letting on?  Murphy and LCD were a great act but c'mon is it The Stones? 

I would like to see this based on the fact that I am a casual LCD fan and I find Murphy charismatic in a sort of disheveled sense but I would suspect your average Jane wouldnt be camping out at the Cineplex on this one. So do the distributers who have made this an event by only showing it under very limited release, sometimes only one night in a city, thereby giving it real cachet.

Check out the deets here

and a  spiffy trailer (that we posted for you in January- but apparently is making the rounds as new again at other sites!)

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