Led Zeppelin, Reunion 2014?

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Look, I know all about hype.  I live it every day of my life.  I know the heart stopping excitement of the possibility of amazing events, I get it. It’s a rush!

But a Led Zeppelin reunion?  Can you even imagine the pandemonium that would cause? Can you believe I used the world pandemonium!  It’s absurd, people would literally die in pursuit of tickets to a Zep reunion?


What’s happened is music fans have grown up and had kids and their kids have had kids and now well the fervor is so intense that its dangerous.  Led Zeppelin could never live up to its image now , it’s simply too magnified.  As I venture back  in time to appreciate the things I missed LZ has been on the list.  They’re wonderful and (at their day) ground breaking.  Now they are legend and a tour could be as disappointing as fat Elvis or forgetful Sinatra—don’t do it.  Please.


Robert Plant gave a huge (and babbling) interview to Austrialian 60 Minutes where he hints at a reunion in 2014- which I’m fairly confident will never happen.

He tells Australia’s 60 Minutes: “The two other guys are Capricorns. They don’t say a word. They’re quite contained in their own worlds and they leave it to me… I’m not the bad guy.


“You need to see the Capricorns – I’ve got nothing to do in 2014.”


He lost five-year-old son Karac in 1977 while Led Zep were on tour and the tragedy led him to plan a career beyond the band until Bonham coerced him into coming back. “I was very skeptical about thinking about whether I had the right to be a parent and go back into that world,” says the singer. “When I lost our boy I applied to see if I could get a role as a teacher. I wanted to be around, a way to enjoy children at the peak of the time before they’re spoilt by the ways of our world.


“I always thought, ‘There’s another thing I can do.’ I was detached.

I’d left it. But it’s a terrible drug being a good singer.


“John Bonham came round in a six-door limousine that he could barely get down the country lane. He had a chauffeur’s hat. He’d sit in the front and I’d be three doors back. He’d talk to me through the intercom – and we were only going to the pub. He’d say, ‘Come on, Percy, you know you can do it, you know you’ll have a great time,’ And so, back I went.”


But even in 1977 Plant believed Led Zep had had their day. “We explored lot of music in those days,” he reflects. “But by the time Bonzo drew me back in, it was over anyway. We’d done what we had to do. The world had changed. Other people had arrived and it was the beginning of a whole new movement. It was like we’d lost the keys to the kingdom.”


Yet now its 2013, and this is a nod to 2014.  Will the public give them back ‘the keys to the kingdom?’  Of course! If only for a night.  Stay tuned, Im feeling pretty sure this will happen if only because it is so very wrong.


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