Legends Tribute The Black Keys…Why?

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 Tributes are now meaningless.  Officially the true definition of tribute has been trashed

Who the hell thought of this and worse why on Earth did these artists sign up to participate?  A tribute to The Black Keys??


Why the hell are the likes of Ginger Baker, Iggy Pop and Pat Travers paying tribute to these upstarts?


Don’t believe me?  Here is the actual definitions



An act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.



Denoting or relating to a group or musician that performs the music of a more famous one and imitates them in appearance and style of…


Do  you now see how ridiculous this is?


'Black On Blues : A Tribute To The Black Keys', the collection features performances by Iggy Pop & Ginger Baker, Leslie West, Dave Davies & Huw Lloyd Langton Albert Lee and Pat Travers alongside blues guitarists Walter Trout, Larry McCray, Tab Benoit, Mike Zito, Oli Brown, Devon Allman and more.


  Released over the summer without much fanfare the Iggy version of “Lonely Boy” is getting a push most likely to recoup the expense of this atrocity.

The real problem is the single is actually really good.  Yup- better than The Black Keys so here’s another lesson- don’t let legends get a hold of  you material, you’’ just end up looking weak.

Here is the track list of shame:

1. Lonely Boy – Iggy Pop & Ginger Baker
2. Tighten Up – Walter Trout
3. Girl Is On My Mind – Mike Zito & Cyril Neville
4. Gold On The Ceiling – Tab Benoit
5. I Got Mine – Leslie West
6. When The Lights Go Out – Papa Mali
7. Next Girl – Oli Brown Band
8. Money Maker – Dave Davies & Huw Lloyd-Langton
9. Howlin For You – Albert Lee
10. Everlasting Light – Pat Travers
11. Chop And Change – Larry McCray
12. Little Black Submarines – Devon Allman & Mani Neumeier



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