Leogun At The Roxy, Tuesday June 11th 2013

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When I was invited for the Eve to Adam show at the Roxy, I wasn’t even planning to stay for the next band, mornings are so tough after weekday shows, but when Leogun began to play I was immediately captivated, and boy I don’t regret a minute to have stayed to watch the British trio blow up the room with their aggressive bluesy-rock’ n’ roll!

First of all, all I saw was this long curly blonde hair weeping the air as guitarist/vocalist Tommy Smith and bassist Mike Lloyd were doing massive and synchronized head banging while playing some of the most staggering blues you ever heard with the help of drummer Mike Lloyd; I understood why they had chosen their moniker Leogun, Smith had a lion mane and he was killing it.

From song to song, the boldness of the music was increasing and, after a few songs, they were channeling Jack White’s tearing-the-place-apart guitar style, and they were totally impressing the crowd, myself included. Now, there is no shortage of people and bands who are trying to take this same White-Stripes-Black-Keys road, but there was a rare madness, a raw animal fury in songs like ‘Lets’ be Friends’ or  ‘End of the World’ combined with a sort of bravado and Smith’s impressive panache and finger dexterity, that couldn’t leave anyone indifferent and was forcing the attention.

The music was so non-stop swaggering high energy, so electrifying-high-confidence that these guys have already been compared to the greatest acts of rock’ n’ roll, as some reviews have mentioned Jimmy Page, Axl Rose and Jack White of course. I don’t think they want to reinvent rock’ n’ roll, but rather bring it back to its brightest moment, as you can read frontman Tommy Smith declare in interviews:

‘It’s about not being afraid to be a man and tell a girl what’s up. It seems like all of the testosterone has been taken out of music. There are no frontmen fucking hitting it like Robert Plant. I miss that. I want to commit myself to singing what’s on my mind. If I’m thinking of a young lady, I’m not going to hold back. I’m going to sing about that.’

‘Nowadays many people seem to be introverted and restrained about playing rock ‘n’ roll, and we try not to be. I think it comes down to the fact that America is ready for a balls-out rock band again.’

Indeed! The British trio has been spreading their music in the US for some time, and I have just read on Twitter they may even be moving to the capital of music (Los Angeles!) this year, so I may hear again their hold-nothing-back, kick-ass rock trashing the room as if there is no tomorrow.

If they have previously released EPs and singles, they are ready to drop ‘By the Reins’ very soon (on June 18th), their debut album which was recorded in Nashville and will feature the storming song in the video below, ‘Piggy in the Middle’.

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