Leonard Cohen 'Darkness', Reviewed

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‘Darkness’, the new Leonard Cohen’s song is a very well-named number, but every second of it shines through his memorable abysmal voice which hardly sings but rather dictates the slow burn of the song 

It is Cohen’s deep bluesy side, with a beautiful and dark guitar intro, soon letting the keystaking over, and in particular a vintage Hammond organ backed up by soulful female vocals, giving a retro ambiance and fitting Cohen’s nicotined-voice to perfection. The only way to go more baritone, would be for him to do a duet withTom Waits. 

The song, which was performed live during his last world tour, is the second single from his upcoming album ‘Old Ideas’, set to be released on January 31st on Columbia, his first studio album since 2004! 

Here is the tracklisting of 'Old Ideas':

'Going Home'
'Show Me The Place'
'The Darkness'
'Crazy To Love You'
'Come Healing'
'Different Sides' 


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