Liam Gallagher's New Video In Bed With Naked Women, Despite Lawsuit

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Liam Gallagher and his band ‘Beady Eye’ have just released a new video for ‘Shine a Light’, the second single off their new album ‘BE’, and once again (remember the Timberlake one?) there are naked women! But people are talking about it, not really because of the naked women, not even because of the song which is quite unremarkable, but because of the paternity scandal Gallagher is involved in: he has just been sued for $3 million by a New York Post Reporter, who claims he is the father of her 7-month-old child.

These days, it’s very easy to verify this kind of thing with a simple DNA test, so I have a tendency to believe the woman who wouldn’t attempt such a lawsuit if Gallagher could easily prove he is not the father with a paternity test? We’ll see…Thus married with children Gallagher, already in hot waters, releases this video the same week, showing him in bed with lots of naked women for a few seconds. In any case, he is keeping his sunglasses on the whole time, and there is absolutely no action going on, so everyone looking for anything naughty will be very disappointed.

Beside this, after a promising Beatles-que start, the song has a quite simple structure, with Gallagher and his eternal pissed-off attitude repetitively whining ‘Shine a Light’ over strumming guitars and a dynamic rhythm,… it’s fine, but it’s very forgettable. I haven’t listened to ‘BE’, but if singles are supposed to be the best songs of the album, this is not really worth my time. The video is as boring as the song, despite a few nuns and Liam as a priest eating at a feast table with candelabras, but nothing happens! Let’s keep in mind that Gallagher declared that this album is  ‘Rock N’ Roll but flying out in space. If you’re into drugs, you’ll like it.’ Oh may be I am not into drugs enough so!

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