Lil Wayne Oakdale Theater Wallingford CT Friday February 5th, 2016, Reviewed

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Nothing says true love like Valentine’s Day tickets to a Lil Wayne gig, or should I say a motherfucking Lil Wayne Tour.

Lets get the bull out of the way first.. Wallingford CT what is up with your people? I felt like I was on an episode of Trailer Park Boys or Springer. Girls bathed in Forever 21 and guys in plaid and Lids, I couldn’t help but wonder where the real fans were at.. but you WERE the real fans. And despite your inbred appearance you did a mighty fine job representing the Nutmeg State to the motherfucking performers. So give yourself a hand for that.

Now on to the show. Prompt. 7:30 pm we were on the move with S-8ighty who did a fine job as the openers opener. A quick 15 minute forgettable set that was pleasant and pumping enough to rev the old engines before the opening act Rae Sremmurd (WT actual F is a Sremmurd anyway?)

Rae did pretty well, with a 45 min set chock full of chest pumping and bravado. “No Flex Zone” (which reminds me of a Planet Fitness ad) “Lit The Bic” ” This Could be Us”, they were all there and the girls ate it with a spoon- and the boys? They used it as an opportunity to fire up their skunk weed and posture.

Highlight of the set was when the lovely ladies were brought on stage for “Somebody Come Get Her” danced pathetically (or shall I say tucked their hair behind their ears and looked confused) and were unceremoniously ushered off *note there were 2 gorgeous girls who played it up perfectly the rest.. good lord no.

I have been told that Rae is the wave of the future, that these 2 Georgia brothers (at under age 22) will be the next be thing, and I gotta agree. They were fantastic and despite a slight lack of charisma their performance was above average. By 8:30 they were done. Off the stage with their bitches for the ‘after party’, they were promised.

By 9:00 Lil Wayne was live. Why on Earth was this show so tightly timed? I’m not complaining I’m actually thrilled, to have to sit with house lights on with this crowd was doing nothing but annoying me so the punctual stage times were greatly appreciated.

What I remembered afterward was that the Oakdale Theater is under noise ordinance with curfew- these fools gotta be off the stage by 11. Bonus!

I have loved Lil Wayne for a really long time. His collaborations always catch my interest (and as he stated aint no song worth it unless its says ‘FT Lil Wayne’) There is this danger factor in his work. All the pussy bitches and guns that I find pretty amusing I cant understand anyone who would be offended by this- its hilarious. I was actually going to write this review in Weezy speak using fucking, fucker or motherfucker every other word but that would be too cumbersome.

Weezy took the stage for the first half of his performance in dark glasses and a hoodie with a sound system bass heavy and vocal light- way too light. Weezy tells stories and if you weren’t straining to hear, you missed a lot- but if you knew the words- you were all set, who needs him?

An excellent DJ break featuring DJ Lewis was plunked smack dab at the 45 minute mark. A fabulous set featuring songs from the 90s and 80s and enough hooks to keep the gang in check.

Upon Wayne’s return it was a bit of back catalog, some excellent visuals and a whole shit load of motherfuckering. Mentions of Drake and Niki brought out the screams and when ‘The Motto’ got sung.. well the sing along was deafening, ‘Yolo’ indeed.

I just wish they’d all quit telling us to raise our hands.. I mean what is that are we being arrested or what its just …

A fabulous show by some top notch names. Shall I grade it…fuck yes motherfucker… A- and the minus is for the shit sound control at the board and nothing more.


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