Listen To AC/DC's New Track, 'Play Ball'

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It always amazes me how some bands have an indisputable sound, at the first note, the first riff you immediately recognize the swagger and the strength of the guitars, the signature vocals, and the empowering sound… there is absolutely no doubt that ‘Play Ball’ is an AC/DC track.

The famous Australian band has just dropped this new song on YouTube, ahead of their album ‘Rock Or Bust’ release, and it sounds as if the 80s were back,… I mean just the few seconds of this exploding and loud song (just look at this new gif!) and I am back on memory lane…. My brother was a big fan at the time, and was blasting ‘Highway to Hell’ in repeat when he was young.

However, I haven’t paid too much attention to their come back — I didn’t even listen to their 2008 release ‘Black Ice’ which got mixed reviews — but I like this ‘Play Ball’, which plays as a straightforward guitar attack with a tap footing tempo and singer Brian Johnson’s always furious and more-than-ever-raucous vocals,… the track has even some true bluesy parts! Everyone is seeing the soundtrack of some ball game (because of the title), but I don’t I just keep seeing a music video with a pin-up of the 80s in jeans short and Farrah Fawcett hairdo, walking in the street and causing damage, go figure!

The sad news is the absence of founding member and guitarist Malcolm Young, who has been diagnosed with dementia. The album was recorded in Spring 2014 at Warehouse Studio in Vancouver and produced by Brendan O’Brien. AC/DC should soon announce a world tour to promote the album, with Malcolm’s nephew Stevie Young (also nephew of Angus Young) following his uncles’ big steps.

Here is the Tracklist:
01. Rock or Bust
02. Play Ball
03. Rock The Blues Away
04. Miss Adventure
05. Dogs of War
06. Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
07. Hard Times
08. Baptism By Fire
09. Rock The House
10. Sweet Candy
11. Emission Control


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