Listen To Death Grips’ New Track, ‘Black Paint’

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Death Grips


I probably need to see Death Grips again, I tried to see them a few years ago at the FYF fest, but I couldn’t approach very close, and I didn’t really appreciate their strange mix of aggressive industrial noise and hip hop. It was all noise lost in a red cloud of fume and dust… and I gave up. That said, they may deserve another try and since they are part of the next Desert Daze’s caravan, there will be another time.

They are about to release a new album, ‘Year of the Snitch’, some time this year, and they have just released a new track, ‘Black Paint’, which is only accompanied by a still pic of a hooded man dropping black paint on the ground… creepy and mysterious, at the image of the aggressive and tortured track.

Can this still be called hip hop? The song is led by industrial beats which are blending experimental noise into hardcore. It surely is an unique and powerful track, ready to install pure terror with the terrifying and terrified vocals of MC Ride, who sounds like a hunted man run over by a convoi of futuristic trucks. ‘Black black paint/Those are my Satanic urges right now/Right, right now’… the lyrics are creepy as hell… Does he say ‘I’m down for Boom Boom Boom?’ ‘Boom Boom Boom? He sounds like a rap version of Nick Cave during his Grindman days, and I bet it’s the first time these two men are in the same sentence.

‘Black Paint’ is the second song Death Grips has released from their new record, as the very different first song, ‘Streaky’, which came out last week, was an extremely weird electro-rap, which honestly made me think about an early Beck song remixed by a robot.

Death Grips have revealed they have been recording this new album with Tool bassist Justin Chancellor and producer Andrew Adamson, the director of Shrek and Shrek 2…. What a weird combo. Listen to ‘Black Paint’:



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