Listen To Elle Belle’s New Single ‘Knock on the Light’

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Elle Belle


I have seen Elle Belle twice live and frontman-multi-instrumentalist Christopher Pappas had each time gave an interesting and charismatic performance with his black make-up around the eyes, which made him look like the masked avenger. He is the eccentric kind, which won him a few comparisons with Ariel Pink, and if his moniker sounds female, his approach to music was quite masculine, with a wild energy and a physical dance around the mic when he was not lying on the floor with his guitar.

Elle Belle’s music is impregnated of infused-soul synth and ferocious guitar, but also engaged in a lot of dynamic diversity, with shades of INXS or even Bowie. So it’s not because you have heard a Elle Belle song that you have the music all figured out, I remember that the band went from psych-pop to R&B, 60’s garage rock and even dense fuzzed-out white noise

On August 19th, Elle Belle is releasing ‘Knock on the Light, the third in a series of singles that he is releasing off his upcoming 23-song release ‘WAKO GUMBO’, due out next year.  For this, he has surrounded himself with first-class artists like Misty Boyce (who plays keys for BØRNS) as guest vocals, whereas the song was mixed by Mike Bloom (Jenny Lewis, The Elected, Julian Casablancas).

Synth-and-voices driven, the song is a fuzzy and dark 80-90’s dancefloor, going slowly enough to make you contemplate your own stream of consciousness, but hitting the keys hard enough to make you move your body. According to the press release the song is ‘about pushing yourself- more specifically, your mind – further than you thought it could go’…and ‘reaching for enlightenment’, as it starts with the author contemplating the mundaneness of others’ lives, before realizing that he is part of the problem and has to focus on the present to be happy.

‘I set out to experiment with sound versus silence on this tune. I liked the idea of empty space being part of the groove and really tried to highlight it as much as possible. My friend Misty Boyce adds incredible background vocals to my many-times-over stacked lead – I was sort of going for an early 90’s RnB vibe, and she was able to channel that perfectly,’ said Pappas to describe the track.

And since Elle Belle always brings some mystery with them, their next show will be at an undisclosed location in Highland Park on 8/19. So get enlightened and make a RSVP here for a free party, and, I am sure, plenty of bravado.


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