Listen To Iggy Pop And Jarvis Cocker Covering Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’

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Nick Cave and Iggy Pop


Not long ago, I was mentioning Nick Cave and Iggy Pop in the same post, comparing these two incredible performers – I am lucky enough to have seen them both this year – and as if the gods of punk rock had been listening to me, this Iggy Pop version of Nick Cave’s classic ‘Red Right Hand’ was just released for Netflix’s fourth season of Peaky Blinders, a UK TV show about a family of British gangsters in the ’20s.

Nick and the Bad Seeds’ famous song is the theme song of the show (which means I should absolutely watch it) but every season, the show features a different version of the song, and this time it was Iggy Pop’s turn with the help of Pulp’s frontman Jarvis Cocker.

I am very familiar with the original – who isn’t? – and I have to say that the result is very different form the original, a true example of appropriation of a song. Nick Cave’s version is dangerous and plays like a mad man arriving in town, while Iggy’s one is darker, slower with a true Nightclubbing vibe, Nick’s one is all red and bloody, Iggy’s is dark and slowly menacing, Nick arrives like a fury with a gun in hand ready to shoot everyone, Iggy walks like a wolf, sneaking his way through the darkness in order to better kill you. And of course, you can also hear Jarvis Cocker in the backup vocals, echoing Iggy’s voice on a higher pitch register.

Both versions are interesting, and isn’t it the second time that this same rock star collision is happening? Last summer, Iggy starred as an animal loving superhero in a PETA video (first as a cartoon, then as the real thing) while Nick Cave provided the soundtrack with the Bad Seeds’ song ‘Breathless’.

Listen to Iggy Pop and Jarvis Cocker version of ‘Red Right Hand’ below:


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