Listen To Lady Rizo’s ‘Sometimes the Sky’s Too Bright’

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Lady Rizo


Grammy Award winning performer Lady Rizo has amazing pipes, she sounds and looks like a cross between Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse and her latest single, ‘Sometimes the Sky’s Too Bright’ is a modern take on Dylan Thomas’ 20th century poem.

The song has a real Cabaret vibe, it starts with discreet bass and horns building an unsettling ambiance as if we were about to hear a new Tom Waits tune, but soon, Rizo’s soulful voice shines over a fuller orchestrated development, which keeps the same uncanny beat till the end. The song is relatively short because the poem is, and there was no need to stretch the song beyond the poet’s words, since the music captures very well the intensity and poignancy of Dylan Thomas, whose dark poetry is known for having influenced the beat generation and many contemporary songwriters, such as Bob Dylan.

Following the first single ‘Hit of You’, a slightly more upbeat number but led by the same tenacious beat and Rizo’s theatrical powerhouse, ‘Sometimes the Sky’s Too Bright’ is the second single of Rizo’s second studio album, ‘Indigo’ which was released on August 18th. Both songs are great vehicles for her soulful voice which brings a retro vibe to the music and has to be cut for burlesque, cabaret or even jazz.

The NYC-based artist self has described herself as theatrical soul pop, and just like Dylan Thomas’ poem, sometimes the sky is too bright and life is too intense, but Lady Rizo knows how to bring intense human emotions right in the middle of a song.



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