Listen To Le Butcherettes’ New Single’s ‘Spider/WAVES’

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Teri Gender Bender


The heavy metal and punk rock label Rise Records has just signed the Mexican punk rock band Le Butcherettes, and for the occasion, it has just released a single with a ferocious video featuring of course the always fierce Teri Gender Bender.

Le Butcherettes released ‘A Raw Youth’ almost three years ago, and the new song ‘Spider/WAVES’ sounds a bit different from their previous material, although it contains the same intensity and drama that goes with any of their performances. Dressed as a Chichimeccan warrior to honor her grandmother, Teri seems to exorcize some demons, looking as dramatic as ever, with an extraordinary vocal range going from a high-pitch maniac to an unapologetic fury. In a press release Henry Rollins’ favorite had this to say about the song: ‘Lyrically, it’s like this big delicious spider has its wave. In a way, we’re all caught in it. This thing wants to devour as much as it can, but you have to make sure you’re okay. You’re trying to protect yourself from something that wants to get in.’

The song has surely a creepy vibe, built around pulsing riffs with big pounding drums, mixing ancient myths and religions, although I am not sure what’s going on in the video, whether Teri howls and growls with a vibrator in the voice ’I was Mother Mary smothered by her God’, takes a milk bath, fights like a warrior or repeats this sentence like a mantra ‘Injuries are slashed deep open/Messiahs hold them still’.

The music video was directed by award-winning duo Noun, and the single was produced by Talking Heads member Jerry Harrison (Violent Femmes, No Doubt). Don’t miss Le Butcherettes in concert in May:

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