Listen To Mogwai’s New Track, ‘Donuts’, Featured In The Soundtrack Of The Upcoming Movie ‘KIN’

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Mogwai make very cinematic music and I wonder why their work is not used more often in movies… Sure, looking at their Wikipedia page, their music was actually used used for a few films and documentaries, such as ‘Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait,’ ‘Miami Vice’, ‘The Fountain’, as well as  for the French TV series ‘Les Revenants’, and the documentary about climate change, ‘Before the Flood’ (among others) but it seems that many of their majestic tracks belong to the large screen and should definitively be used as film soundtracks.

But this is it, the Scottish post-rockers have announced their first feature film soundtrack. and they have just released a new track, which will be featured in an upcoming sci-fiction drama, ‘KIN’, starring James Franco, Carrie Coon, Zoë Kravitz, and Dennis Quaid, and set to be released on August 32st 2018. But looking at the synopsis of the movie, which involves an ex-con and his younger brother, a vengeful criminal, soldiers, and a mysterious weapon of an unknown origin, you would never guess the title of this new track: ‘Donuts’! It would be almost comical if the music wasn’t so serious and poignant.

‘Donuts’ actually includes all the reasons why you love Mogwai if you are a fan, the organ is slowly sprawling, building loops which are getting more and more intense each time, while the feeling is equally soothing and dramatic. As it progresses, the music reaches its wide-screen 3-D dimension, getting spatial and definitively triumphant, before burning into an ultra-bright white noise. It’s a typical Mogwai piece, inspiring and deeply cinematic, giving you visions of effort, pain and achievement in a climatic moment, which collapses into plain serenity.

So I don’t know where the donuts are in all this, but you may want one after all this sonic adventure. Listen to ‘Donuts’:

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