Listen To Mount Eerie’s ‘Distortion’ From His Upcoming Album ‘Now Only’

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Phil Elverum


Phil W. Elverum aka Mount Eerie, has released a new song entitled ‘Distortion’ from his new album ‘Now Only’, the follow-up of his uttering heartbreaking ‘A Crow Looked At Me’, that he released after the death of his wife Geneviève in 2015.

Despite a lugubrious guitar distortion at the beginning of the song (and another part a little bit later), the long track sounds like another meandrous devastating dialogue that Phil has with his dead love, continuing the conversation with a ghost, although the song starts with ‘But I don’t believe in ghosts or anything’.

The 11-minute long song is still a proof that death is very real in Elverum’s life and his stories, told with his usual tone barely escaping from a monochord monotony, have the same desolating aftermaths than the ones on his previous album. The horror and terror of death, the vision of a dead body and the absurdity of the end of life are all present in the song, as well as a lot of questions, questions about what we forget, whom we forget, and other philosophical meditations, anchored in the reality of life.’When I was a kid and realized that life ends and is just over/That a point comes where we no longer get to say or do anything/And then what? I guess just forgotten’, he tells us with his half-spoken style at the beginning of the song.

Geneviève, the ghost, is everywhere, everything reminds him about her, and his confessional storytelling poetry is more than ever received like a bare moment of reality, while the stripped-down music, with a rare piano accompaniment a bit later in the song, never distracts you from the rawness of the experience.

When I went to see him at the Masonic Lodge almost a year ago, I first could not understand why so many people would want to go through such excruciating pain, because, after all, it was an agonizing vision to watch this man’s deep ache slowing unfold for an hour… But there was something incredibly tragic and at the same time comforting, in his performance. Death is real, grief is overwhelming, and life with such a burden (Phil is a single parent with a very young daughter) is a courageous act.

‘Now Only’ will be out on March 16th via P.W. Elverum & Sun. followed by a series of shows


Jan 19 – Auckland, NZ @ Academy Cinemas
Jan 21 – Perth, AU @ Mojos
Jan 23 – Sydney, AU @ City Recital Hall
Jan 24 – Melbourne, AU @ Melbourne Recital Centre
Jan 25 – Castlemaine, AU @ Theatre Royal
Feb 22 – San Francisco, CA @ Swedish American Hall (Two Performances)
Mar 22 – Maspeth, NY @ Knockdown Center
Mar 24 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Cathedral Sanctuary at Immanuel Presbyterian
Mar 29 – Portland, OR @ Revolution Hall
Mar 30 – Vancouver, BC @ The Vogue Theatre


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