Listen To ‘Rain And Thunder’ By New York Indie Band Morning Fuzz

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Morning Fuzz


Can you be upbeat and angry at the same time? I would say yes, since these are the two feelings that came to my mind when I listened to ‘Rain and Thunder’, the new song by the band Morning Fuzz. I barely see any rain and thunder in Los Angeles forecast, but these guys are from New York, as the lyric video below demonstrates it. Plus, we can understand the cathartic effect of a good metaphor… we would be dancing in the streets for a good rain in drought-enduring Cali.

And dancing is probably what you will be doing when listening to the song, a fast rocking tune but nevertheless a very melodic one, a tune which could remind you about… the Foo Fighters may be? The Foo Fighters with a real modern indie twist, driving the song till the end through the streets of Manhattan. The steady toe-tapping drumming, the busier than fuzzier guitars and the pinch of angst in the chorus harmonies make the song something more than your ordinary indie rock number.

New York Morning Fuzz is a band which stays loyal to the classic rock n’ roll approach, while adding and combining a few familiar things here and there and without breaking the rules, However, if they keep making songs with this same explosive roaring ready-for-stadium sound, they could soon pump up some real energy in some big places



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