Listen To The First Song By BNQT, With Members Of Band Of Horses, Franz Ferdinand, Midlake, Grandaddy

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Do we really need another supergroup? A ‘poor man’s Traveling Willburys’ as Midlake’s Eric Pulido baptized this new one? It’s true that none of the persons involved are famous enough to call it a supergroup, but whether we need it or not, it’s too late, BNQT is already there. The supergroup includes Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell, Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, Travis’ Fran Healy, and Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, plus Pulido and his bandmates McKenzie Smith, Joey McClellan and Jesse Chandler. Vowel-lss BNQT sounds like a mysterious acronym, and it is of course totally unpronounceable as a word, but the music they have already released is far less mysterious. Their first single, ‘Restart’, is a mid-energetic mid-psychedelic alternative rock track, with guitar riffs that are slightly reminiscent of Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’. The chorus is bright and hooky, and overall Pulido is not far from reality, ‘Restart’ can even sound like the Beatles at times or may be like Tom Petty meets ELO, and probably like something of the late 70’s. The song is nice, nothing revolutionary, just nice and groovy.

But this BNQT thing is actually an old story, it was announced that these same people were working on their debut album as early as 2015, although at the time, they were called Banquet. They have shortened the name and they will release a 10-track album titled ‘Volume 1’, on April 28th via Dualtone/Bella Union. The album, which will feature 2 songs written and sung by each one of the 5 songwriters, Bridwell, Kaparnos, Healy, Lytle and Pulido, was recorded and produced in Midlake’s own Denton, Texas studio. ‘That’s what art is about for me, creating with other people that you love and appreciate,’ said Pulido in a press release.

On a funny note, I googled BNQT, and it’s a racy sport website, and I am not sure they really want to be associated with all these sport babes.

Volume 1 Tracklist:

Unlikely Force
100 Million Miles
Mind Of A Man
Hey Banana
Real Love
Failing at Feeling
L.A. On My Mind
Fighting The World

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