Listen To UK Newcomer Tom Walker’s ‘Blessings’

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Tom Walker


New artists emerge all the time, but what should they do to make a noticeable splash in this forever-expanding pool of new music? UK singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Tom Walker just did this when he released his new single, ‘Blessings’, on April 28th via Epic Records.

The song has a great hybrid sound, just between pop, hip hop and soul with quiet and subtle guitar-percussion arrangements, whereas most of the texture of the song seems to comes from Walker’s powerful pipes. The way he manages to blend a rap-style production with electro-pop while adding a touch of soul and blues in the delivery at the same time, is quite remarkable and filled with a unique charm.

Born in Scotland and raised in Manchester, Walker got interested in music at a very young age through his father’s record collection, and found inspiration in Ray Charles, The Police, and Bob Marley… and that may be the reason why you can even detect a sort of reggae-man roaring in his delivery even though the music has nothing to do with reggae. It is obvious that Walker is mixing a lot of genres and has found his own style by bringing all these influences together.

In March, iHeartRadio host Elvis Duran named him ’Artist of the Month’ on the NBC Today show, and we seem to be a bit late on Tom Walker’s success here in the US, as he is already a huge star in the UK. He has several songs on Spotify and his other track ‘Just You and I’, which embraces the same unique style of hooky-soulful vocals above a discreet guitar and soft musical production, has already more than 12 million plays on the streaming platform, while he averages a staggering 1.8 million monthly plays on the platform.

On May 12th, Tom Walker will release the five-track ‘Blessings’ EP, co-produced by Jim Abbiss (who has worked with Adele, Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian in the past), and also including ‘Play Dead’, ‘Karma’ and ‘Rapture’.

Listen to ‘Blessings’, an ode to the simple things in life we take for granted, and a song with an undeniable groove and a unique sound, showcasing Walker’s vocal prowess.



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