Live Concerts For Sale At Soundhalo, Has Atoms For Peace Seal Of Approval

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Soon after pulling their music off Spotify, a non stroy I wish I hadn’t bothered with, Atoms For Peace has signed up with Soundhalo, a non story I wish I wasn’t writing about. Soundhalo allows you to buy recent concerts for around ten bucks and Atoms For Peace are allowing them to film and sell the bands upcoming London shows.

Nigel Goodrich had this to say: “Part of the reason soundhalo was interesting to me was that I found myself wondering why, whenever you go to a gig, the next day there are a million shaky, horrible sounding YouTube videos already online. But you go and look because you want to see something of your experience. Soundhalo provides something really functional – an experience that you want to remember in front of you as soon as the concert has happened. To be able to relive that is a really great thing.”

Really, is that it? How about this for a translation: After charging you a fortune to see the band, they want to charge you more to see em again.

I am being mean because I don’t like Nigel’s spin but really it isn’t a bad idea. Phish have been doing it for years. The day after a concert you can buy. When I went to see the Allman Brothers earlier this year and you could order a copy of the show at intermission and pick it up on CD on your way out.

So Soundhalo doesn’t feel particularly necessary, though I guess the video is a wrinkle.

Meanwhile, one effect of (incidentally, it doesn’t appear to be available in the States) is to lessen the necessity for IPhone filming. Well, unless you don’t wanna pay em.  Incidentally most of the audience were taling pix and filming at Alice Coopers recent gig at the Beacon and it didn’t bother him the slightest.

Here is a lame BBC report about the ongoing musician vs fans war


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