Live Through This: rock nyc Concert Picks Week Of March 28th, 2016

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The April 1st gig is the keeper on this two day celebration of the work of David Bowie, organized (at least the Thursday March 31st, 2016) gig long before he died. But I am going to the Carnegie Hall gig featuring DEBBIE HARRY, PIXIES, THE FLAMING LIPS, LAURIE ANDERSON, J MASCIS, RICKIE LEE JONES, HOLY HOLY, MICHAEL STIPE, THE ROOTS, PERRY FARRELL, CYNDI LAUPER , BETTYE LAVETTE, ANN WILSON OF HEART, JAKOB DYLAN , THE MOUNTAIN GOATS
ROBYN HITCHCOCK , and CAT POWER. Will it suck? If it doesn’t it will be the first of Michael Dorf’s godawful tribute shows that doesn’t. The Prince one was saved from infamy solely by D’Angelo, and that Citizen Cope song? Man, I still have nightmares. But for want of a better way to tip your hat to Bowie, it’ll do. Thursday at Carnegie Hall, Friday at Radio City Music Hall.

Monday – Savages – Irving Plaza – Their latest album is an improvement on the debut, which didn’t need improving upon and while I’ve never seen em in person, the video of their stage performance has been very impressive.

Monday – Bruce Springsteen – Madison Square Garden – It was so good in January that I can’t wait to watch it again.

Monday – LCD Soundsystem – Astoundingly enough, I managed to get a ticket to this and passed because I am seeing em at Panorama anyway, and it went be too long a night. You, on the other hand, should go.

Tuesday – Sunday – Ravi Coltrane – Jazz Standard – The popular saxophonist and scion of John and Alice Coltrane, has forged himself a serious career.

Wednesday – Iron Maiden – Madison Square Garden – The standard bearers of UK’s golden age of metal, and absolutely undeniable on stage.

Wednesday – Rihanna – Barclay Center – I loved Anti very very much. A terrific album. But she sucks live.But a terrific album…

Wednesday – Weezer Plus Big Data DJ Set – Warsaw – A rare opportunity to see the most disappointing band in history up close and personal.

Thursday – Lucius – MHOW – About as hip as a band can get, I am not a big fan of their two part harmonies but Alyson adores them.

Friday, Saturday  – Bonnie Raitt – Beacon Theatre – Can’t say I’m crazy about the great blues guitarist, the new album didn’t come close to converting, but even so, if all I did was write for a living I would be so there.

Friday – Logic – Terminal 5 – His new rap album is a big and epic sci fi story, but assume he will play it straight on stage.

Friday – The Mountain Goats – Bearsville Theater – I wouldn’t mention this (they are playing the Bowie tribute as well by the way) except I am knee deep in Barney Hoskyns’ excellent story of Woodstock “Small Town Talk”, so I am much more interested in the area than I have ever ever been.

Saturday – Young Fathers – MHOW – World music meets hip hop meets soul, from Scotland. Awesome on stage as well.







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