LiveNation And Rolling Stone Get Together To Con You…

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Have you ever been on one of those porn sites where it says if you wanna stay on click here and if you don't wanna leave  click there? So you are stuck rebooting to get away? Yeah, well the Live Nation-Rolling Stone con isn't that bad it is worse.

After you buy a ticket and you wanna approve payment, if you look carefully you will see a box that says If you Don't Want A Subscription To Rolling Stone Magazine click here. Get it. DON'T WANT. You have to actively react in order not to get billed for a subscription to Rolling Stone. If, like me, you are just trying to reach the end of the page and click yes I want the tickets, before the timer expires, it is very easy to miss and many people miss it.

In 2009, Ripoff reports reported this story:

"After buying tickets to a comedy show using LiveNation, I started to receive Rolling Stone Magazine but I never put two and two together until I read a similar report on this site. It's been going on for about three months now and I didn't know if anything could be done about it. After going to the Customer Service section of the LiveNation site, I found the following info.

If you are receiving an unwanted magazine subscription to Rolling Stone you can cancel anytime by going to or calling 800.283.1549.

The good news is that LiveNation doesn't charge extra for the magazine subscriptions, it's included as a freebie for buying the tickets. The other person who wrote about this said that after the year is up, your subscription will be renewed but if you catch it before 12 months have gone by, you shouldn't be charged anything."
Is that really good news? Why am I being conned into doing business with Jann Wenner? Why should I have to cancel anything? This is horrible and disrespectful to LiveNation's clients, doesn't the company make enough money without hoodwinking customers into subscribing to a magazine they have expressed ZERO interest in?


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