LMFAO, Tour With Holograms

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Enough already with the hologram stuff.  I mean I have already made fun of passive concert going with the live stream of Jack Whites Webster Hall show.  Its pretty fun to have a virtual concert experience, and now its virtual concert guest stars.

I hope they make this hologram thing cost prohibitive cuz really its just getting out of hand.  The Tupac thing was cool since it was unexpected but now?  Now everyone has a hologram idea, but the best comes from party boys LMFAO.  "I wanna bring Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin, Darth Vader, Eddie Murphy,' Redfoo told MTV News. 

Although comedian Eddie is still alive, 'So let's just get a hologram [Eddie],' he joked. 'Do your thing over there, but just give us a hologram so we can party all the time, party all the time, party all the time!"

Yup, lets send out holograms of living and dead stars.  We can do a hologram 'We Are The World", we can become a sci fi movie with this stuff, think about it.  You can hire a hologram to perform in your backyard- really all you need is speakers and a projector. 

I hope this is just a fad, it has to be right?  We blame Tupac and we move on.  Would you pay to see a hologram in concert?  I can honestly say I would not but then again think about a hologram Rat Pack show.. hmm… yeah , no.

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