Look- a great band. Look Mexico!

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The band Look Mexico released a music video for the song "Arrest?  I Don't Feel Like I'm Under Arrest".  I'd never heard of the band before, so I was eager to give them a listen.  

I love the band.  Everything about them.  Their sound, their lyrics, everything.  The tune is catchy and packs a punch, and almost reminds me of something The Spill Canvas would do, but they're a bit more mellow.

The singer's voice is absolutely gorgeous and I can't get enough of it.  It's perfect and unique.  The instruments are interwoven so tightly that it's stunning and creates a sound with depth that really captures your attention.  I wouldn't be surprised if I heard the song on the radio.  It's really a great song that I can't get enough of.  I keep listening to it and it gets better each time.  Look Mexico has so much talent as a whole they're a powerhouse and I really want to see them live.

As for the video, it shows the band has a sense of humour.  It makes me want to hang out with them because they look like a lot of fun to hang out with.  The video is fun to watch and tells a story, which I really like.  The guys are silly but it's not like you don't take them seriously, it just shows that they aren't trying too hard to be cool and make an impression, they're just being themselves.

Look here:


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