M.I.A. – "Bad Girls" Reviewed

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"Live Fast Die Young, Bad Girls Do It Well".

If M.I.A. didn't have an accent she would be intolerable.  Her latest sing 'Bad Girls' is most likely a frantic attempt to get the girls bumpin'.  It may, I mean I can hear the club girls shouting out that hook.

This is a great slut rock song for party time.  I suppose if I were under the influence of some intoxicant I would appreciate this more but the slow beat (intended to be sexy I suppose) makes me agitated.  I can actually say something positive about this song though.  That is it can be a great back track for a 'remix' or a 'mashup', its too weak too slow too repetitive as if its just the right speaker playing at me.

I know, I know some of you will get upset thinking this broad is a master at the craft- but no, she's not.  There are great ones and I am open enough to admit I can change my mind, this broad.. it hasn't happened yet.

This too me is a bad night out.  A soundtrack to a girl fight in the bathroom, which to some of you, may be the best action you'll ever watch.

Its horrid.


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