Mac Miller Will Be At # 1 On The Billboard 200

Written by | November 17, 2011 0:02 am | No Comments


I was writing how mac Miller will never make it as the white eminem. Mac has flow and can rhyme but his voice is crap and he is more than an acquired taste, he takes forever to hit you in the plexus.

I ragged on "Donald Trump" for around a week before it caught up on me and right now Blue Side Park feels like  a solid… "B-" but I could be wrong. Nothing is making me prick up my ears, "let me get a turkey sandwich with lettuce tomato… bitch" he requests. Funny guy.

Anyway, like Eminem, Mac has hit the charts at # 1, unlike Eminem is has sold a hardly earth shatterring 144,000 units.  Still I was assuming it would be put out to pasture and I stand corrected.


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