Madonna Releases Six Songs From Her 2015 Album "Rebel Heart"

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Rebel Schmebel

Rebel Schmebel

Earlier this week Madonna had a SONY moment  and her entire nobody had heard more than rumors an  occasional song 2015 release, still known as Iconic at the time, 12 songs in all, album leaked online. We heard (and posted) a coupla tracks and was half impressed, we split em, 50% 50, 50% not so hot. Madonna, in a calm moment, called the leaks rape and terrorism and then in an even calmer moment claimed the songs weren’t even the real deal and then, calmer still, released six songs herself on Friday off her upcoming (March 10th) album now known as, ta dah, Rebel Heart. Yeah, that rebellious Madonna, willing to keep her preteen fans waiting from 7pm to 1130pm after paying $225 to see her. 

In a typically asinine press release Madonna said “I was hoping to release my new single ‘Living For Love’ on Valentine’s Day with the rest of the album coming in the Spring. I would prefer my fans to hear completed versions of some of the songs instead of the incomplete tracks that are circulating. Please consider these six songs as an early Christmas gift.” I thought gifts didn’t cost money but I’m happy to have them anyway.

I am all for the late December release by the way, more people should do it:

2010 M.I.A. – Vicki Leekx – A

2013 – Beyonce S/T – A

2014 – Black Messiah – D’Angelo – B+

And now…

Six songs from Madonna and to be honest I approached reviewing them with a little bit of nervousness. In 2012 I seriously overestimated MDNA, the thoroughly rotten concert helped open my eyes wide and today the album lies somewhere like the equivalent of a deep album track. It tanked as well and would have been beaten to the top of the charts by Lionel Richie if Maddie hadn’t bundled the sucker with concert tickets.

Still, this sounds better than MDMA. Less poppy more adult dance for mainstream Madonna fans. A solid “B+” of an effort but then, like I warned ya, I’ve been wrong before.

Living For Love – what can I say? A huge dance track, an anthem, the sort of anthem that makes you think of Cher: it is one of those huge beautiful built for the radio, for the dancefloor, for the boudier and the strip club,  singalong tracks and a wild mix of guitar and spaced out better living with electronics – A

Devil Pray – A modern folk track and whenever you hear pray you think “Like A Prayer” but really the name on the tip of your tongue is “ake Me Up”-it is like that sort of EDM modern pop stuff… every time Madonna mentions Mother Mary I start to droop – B

Ghostown – A big time ballad song, pretty but it doesn’t really happen – B

Unapologetic Bitch – I love this about as much as I can with a song that uses House for such a lousy lyric, a cut and slash put down to an ex-lover that channels Timbaland via Diplo, and I like it a lot, but the lyric man – B+

Illuminati – Kanye West is behind this, and really has Yeezus‘s sound become a cliche that fast? This is her Molly concept of MDMA -it signifies a sense of being a part of the zeitgeist but really just dabbles – B+

Bitch I’m Madonna – catchy as fuck pop nursery rhyme, very addictive dance pop – A-


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