Magellan’s Calls on Major U.S. Presidential Candidates to Quit… So How Is That Working For Ya?

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Magellan are prog rockers from LA bravely attempting to regain the crown of land of the strange and beautiful from everywhere else in the States. Two smart brothers, Trent Gardner and Wayne Gardner, formed the band in 1985 and, much like their namesake Ferdinand Magellan have been navigating historic lesson songs with consistently prog-rocky effect till February 2014 when guitarist Wayne killed himself.That left brother Trent, who did everything else, to soldier on alone.

This year Magellan released a really good if you like this type of thing single “The Backslide” and yesterday “War Drum (This Ain’t America)” a conceptual piece of TNT and good for them I say.

Included was a reasonable request and here is is from the Press Release:

War Drum (This Ain’t America) – Magellan’s Plea for Reason – in a brand new song


Veteran progressive metal/rock band Magellan have just released “War Drum (This Ain’t America)” as a digital single. The song showcases Magellan’s “plea for reason” by calling on all major 2016 U.S. Presidential candidates to immediately withdraw from any potential bid for the White House.

We’re too familiar with the pattern. The presidential election approaches and a sickeningly familiar rhetoric pulses below every interview. Sound bites of disinformation bombard us like the pounding of Zhangu war drums, then are overshadowed swiftly by military-like snares of accusations rising to a frenzy. Soon the ancient music of communication is beaten down into a primal marching cadence once more.

These building rhythms launch us into Magellan’s hard-rocking single “War Drum (This Ain’t America).” This is a fill-the-streets rock anthem for those weary of being fed the “daily spin of the constitution” served up via 24/7 media. From the opening lyrics (“Camouflaged in the red, white & blue”) you know this song carries a warning… and a responsibility.

It’s hard not to experience a visceral reaction.The keyboard attacks fire like automatic weapons as guitar riffs mimic wag-the-dog “dialogue.” That terse voice repeating “War Drum” near the song’s climax chills you with another White House wanna-be in soulless cadence.

As “War Drum” ends, the mind conjures visuals matching the cover art — Lady Liberty lists on a blasted landscape as a lone drummer, a remnant of our revolutionary concept of freedom, rattles our consciousness before the nuclear glow.

Will we follow this war dance sheepishly down the gangway? Or will we find a way to loosen the skins and mute these drums? Remember this music as you step into the voting booth feeling disheartened, disengaged, and disenfranchised.

In a recent social media post, Magellan leader Trent Gardner posted the following message:

“Dear ubiquitous and homogenized presidential candidates from all parties, I don’t want to experience a repeat of this predictable and ritualistic dance. It’s time to go off script. For America, please stop now. All I can hear is the beating of yet another WAR DRUM. Keep us all safe and just go home.

I want to be perfectly clear. I have no problem with America taking necessary military actions, but with our kids and families out there doing the job, please.. let’s be smart about how often we really NEED to do it. That seems like a pretty reasonable position…”

Slip on some headphones to feel surrounded by Trent Gardner’s call to arms which hooks your psyche with a powerful plea for common sense. A full song preview can be heard at and the band’s homepage at magellansongs.comThe video for “War Drum (This Ain’t America”) can be seen online at

Magellan’s newest single, “War Drum (This Ain’t America)” can be purchased from Apple’s iTunes or Amazon Mp3. Official media representatives may obtain a review copy by sending an email to For more information you can visit Magellan on the web at

Magellan is a rock band from the San Francisco Bay area, formed by the two brothers Trent Gardner and Wayne Gardner in 1985. The band has had a number of well known guest musicians, such as Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Joe Franco (Twisted Sister, Van Helsing’s Curse), Lee Loughnane & Keith Howland (Chicago) and Tony Levin (John Lennon, King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Liquid Tension Experiment).

Given their embrace of technology — endless layers of keyboards and drums — they insist on the “rock” side of things, with big churning guitars and bass lines. Lyrically, their themes are of the classic human condition and the irony of living in the 21st century.”


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