Manic Street Preachers, "Motown Junk" Reviewed

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Back in my day if you were a fan of Manic Street Preachers you were a preppy ass poser.  In the very late 1980s you could go one of two ways, the filth of 'hardcore' or the 'artsy' intellectual punk thing and MSP were the later.

Therefore, I never listened to them and what I was forced to hear on overhead PA's was toruture and immeidalty earned my sneer.   This Welsh 'glam punk' band didnt stand a chance with my crew. We were knee deep in the metalcore when this stuff rolled to town,   So was the division,   You simply COULD NOT listen to anything outside your scene.  In an odd sort of gang mantality you all stayed the same in your quest to be unique. I missed out on alot of great music and still even tons of years later I am unable to allow myself to like alot of it.  Husker Du, The Descendents and Manic Street Preachers were on the 'dont listen dont like' list.  So when I was asked to have a listen to this classic tune "Motown Junk", my first response?

I hated that band.  I cant name you one (well now I can) tune by these guys and I already hate them.  Thats a damn shame. So, know what?  I actually searched out the tune, a couple versions actually and had a listening fest.  This tune is from 1991, way late for such idiotic and punky lyrics.

And here is my conclusion.

I still dont like them.  Theyre boring.  The song is the cliche' ode to heroin…ooo how rock and roll.

Motown, motown junk
I laughed when Lennon got shot
21 years of living and nothing means anything to me

Well then, I suppose they meant enough to someone.  But shock lyrics that far out?  Maybe if this were 1979 instead of 91 it would have been cool but Lennon wasnt dead yet so yeah, that wouldnt work.  Oh and if you were pogo'ing in 1992, I bet you had a mullett too. 

For my fallen bretheren… pass.


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