Maria Taylor To Play Rockwood, Saturday February 11th And I Can’t Wait

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As my bucket list of musicians I want to see live on stage steadily dwindles, all that’s left is:

Paul Anka

Neil Sedaka

Maria Taylor


Hell, I’ve even see Cursive, Chance The Rapper twice. For Science. The Vandals. Yup, I came, I saw, I watched. But Neil and Paul and Maria both in a band and solo, has eluded me. Till now. Now I am thisclose to seeing Maria. A couple of weeks ago she released her terrific follow up to the lo fi DIY Ram by other means domestic blissed out Something About Knowing, with the kernel of doubt eighth best album of 2016 (here) In The Next Life. In The Next Life may still be a family get together but it is just as much a larger sounding fleshed out vision. It makes not much difference to these ears, Maria is just too good at writing tunes for arrangements to be more than an added plus. The album’s charm is not the surprise of fulfilment of SAK, rather it keeps its gaze sidelong: a couple of years ago I wrote about instant nostalgia (thinking of a future where you will eventually miss the moment you are in), the new album seems to exemplify it. Also, one of Taylor’s great songs (which, oddly, took me quite a while to hear, to Maria’s amusement) “If Only” suggests reincarnation as a way to deal with this instant nostalgia, a miasma of doubt in certainty. It is as good as “Up All Night”. “I’ll live until the livings done, I’ve got a feeling there’s another one,” is spiritual warmth and doubt between this loss and that found  “Flower Moon” is a little “Other Lives, Other Masters” -a subject I’ve had an interest in ever since a young lady introduced me to it back in the 1990s. “Flower Moon” is also the name of her record label.  I’ve never not love Maria, but I have felt that her songs had an theral quality about them that made it hard for me to find a way into them (with exceptions), and her last two albums are just too strong to be denied.

It is that casualness that caused me to keep on missing Maria on stage, culminating in what now feels like a mistake: with the opportunity to see Taylor on her last tour, I blew it off to see Pearl Jam and while PJ were pretty darn good, I felt like I’d made a mistake. This was compounded after a StageIt gig that was just so much fun a couple of years ago.

But my run of bad luck seems to have run its course. Taylor is playing at one of my favorite haunts, Rockwood’s on Allen Street (really easy to get to, just grab the F to Second Avenue), a 7pm show and a Saturday, on February 11, 2017. I can’t recommend this show highly enough, even if she sucks the songs won’t and, as Alyson Camus, who  saw the show in LA (here) will testify, she doesn’t suck.

This is a don’t miss under any circumstances. She should sell it out and add a 930p show and I’ll go to both


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