Marilyn Manson At Hammerstein Ballroom, Saturday, September 30th, 2017…. Before A Prop Fell And He Ended In An Ambulance

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Marilyn Manson after the fall



On Friday night in Pittsburgh, Marilyn Manson had jumped off the stage to sing to his fans and twisted his ankle, in Saturday last night, he was climbing a ladder between a prop featuring two huge guns, when he lost his footing, falling to the ground and toppling the guns upon him during “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”, the tenth song and 55 minutes into the concert. The lights went down and fifteen minutes later we were advised that the concert was over and told to leave the premises due to injury. The last we saw of Marilyn last night was when the picture above of him on a stretcher being taken to hospital was posted on twitter.

Earlier that evening, a short but powerful set by Alice Glass, the former lead singer of electronic Canadian band Crystal Castle, made Alice nothing but friends with her electronic loudcore sound. But Marilyn himself seemed a little off his game, a little slack where he should have been taunt. I haven’t seen him on stage since the 1990s, so I can’t say for sure whether his problem was medication due to the Pittsburgh accident which left him a little unfocused. Not drunk, just wandering around the stage when he should have been pushing forward, constant references to drugs near the beginning (he chanted his “I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me” before “The Dope Show”), suggest there was something a little bit off. Marilyn introduced his band before “The Dope Show,”  though the only name I recognized was Twiggy Ramirez. The band supported Manson with industrial power based hard rock, same as it ever was. Loud and nasty, horror shows for a horror world. Manson was way on top of them, whatever bothered him, his voice was a force, and he still got on his stilts for “Tourniquet”. It was only the third night of the tour and there were a few dead spaces, so much so that when the music stopped in the middle of “Sweet Dreams” I wasn’t particularly surprised.

While Marilyn was certainly injured, and it will probably, at a minimum, cause him to postpone his tour in support of the October 6th release of his tenth album Heaven Upside Down, my bet is that it is also the maximum that will happen. The thing about painkillers is that they don’t heal the heel, they mask the pain, perhaps Manson forgot that when he climbed the ladder. (One more thing: I was just told he sounded drunk on Howard Stern the other day, that explains a lot)


Marilyn Manson before the fall




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