Marshall Crenshaw's "I Don't See You Laughing Now" EP Reviewed

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Around two weeks ago I wrote about Marshall Crenshaw's Kickstarter project to fund a series of six EPs to be released on vinyl, postal purchase only (the first release wasn't at his The Simulators gig earlier this year)  with a digital redemption code. The EP will have one new song, one cover of another artist and one live version of one of his own songs.

My feelings about Crenshaw must be pretty well documented by now I'm guessing. I consider Marshall one of rock and rolls greatest songwriters of all time. So despite no longer owning a turntable I invested my seven bucks and got the EP a couple of days ago. Really, unbelievable right?

Anyway, was it worth it? I was to me, "I Don't See You Laughing Now" reminds us of one of Crenshaw's greatest gifts, he producers power pop like a dream and the fade to this song is a glorious thing indeed. The song begins like Crenshaw in the 21st Century, the melody lacks a bit of its old ear candy, and the blue notes sweep it downwards. Crenshaw does sound older. And that's about as negative as I can get on this magnificent track.

The Jeff Lynne (of ELO, etc, etc) cover "No Time" dates from the Move's fourth album, 1971's Message From The Country. So, yeah folks, it ain't "Rave On", what it is is progressive pop by past masters. The song sounds very early Pink Floyd and Crenshaw gets the most of a flute, substituting the originals violin parts and making it the lead instrument. He overdubs his voice for the chorus.

Finally, sure, we don't really really need another "There She Goes Again" but if we have to own a song way way too often, this is the one to do it with! The 90s rockets the Bottle Rockets back him up and so I ask again… was it worth it? Time goes on and life goes by…

Grade: B+

By song:

I Don't See You Laughing Now – A

No Time – B+

There She Goes Again – B


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