Mathew Knowles Says The Elevator Scuffle Was A PR Stunt

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Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange after-fight

The Guardian has an interesting article about a famous trio, or quartet I should say since the main actor this time is the father… I am talking about the Knowles sisters and dad and Jay Z.

Everyone certainly remembers about the elevator scuffle between Solange and Jay Z a few months ago, and Beyonce’s very passive attitude watching her sister furiously kicking her husband… well Mathew Knowles is now saying that the whole thing was a manufactured scene, a fake quarrel, a PR stunt in order to get publicity for Solange’s records and the duo’s upcoming On the Run tour… And although I would be ready to accept anything coming from these money-hungry narcissistic idiots, I don’t buy it for a minute. Speaking on 104.1 KRBE radio, Knowles said this about the incident:

‘[They needed something to] ignite that tour. It’s called a ‘Jedi mind trick.’ The Jedi mind trick fools you a lot of the time. So things you see, sometimes, are …. All I know is: everyone is talking about it. Ticket sales went up, Solange’s album sales went up 200% …’

The fight was captured on camera at Manhattan’s Standard Hotel and we barely heard anything from them afterwards… they just announced later that ‘They both have apologized to each other’ and ‘have moved forward as a united family.’

In a way, Knowles is right, there is no bad publicity as Solange’s US record sales augmented by 233% in the following week and the Jay Z-Beyonce tour brought them about $100 million (still according to the Guardian) but I don’t believe a minute this was staged, for several reasons: first there’s no way the trio’s acting skills are this good… the scene looked too real. Second, the camera footage looks too grainy and amateur and they are perfectionist right? You would think they would put more effort into a PR stunt. Third, Mathew Knowles is not Beyonce’s manager anymore (she dropped him in 2011), and he is not in good term with his daughters… how would he possibly be in the know? And how would anyone still pay attention to this guy? Of course he dropped Destiny’s Child name in the conversation, saying he was still the manager of the band which might be doing a new album and a tour….This new declaration looks like a PR stunt for Mathew Knowles to me.




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