Mayhem Festival Cruise slated for this Dec. 7-11, 2012

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The trend is Cruises.  Weezer, Kid Rock, KISS and now.. Metal Cruise.  What is it about rock and roll boating?  I suppose its non stop party that you can gamble and puke over the side of the boat with- not sure. 

Mayhem Festival is usually the summer tour sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink.  Rockstar leader Kevin Lyman stated .”We are just excited to get to put this together,” he stated. “It has been a fun process for both of us and really allows us to expand the Mayhem brand and good times.” 

So who is playing?   Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Machine Head and Suicide Silence, with more bands to be added from labels like Roadrunner, Century Media, Sumerian and Metal Blade. 
That's a pretty intense line up.  Currently there is no ticket information, but I'm sure it'll turn up soon!   

Sorta scary if you ask me, but hey rock on.


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