Meatloaf And Boobs

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swingin low with Meatloaf
















Look you know news is slow when you’re forced to write about Meatloaf.  Things are dire if you’re writing about Meatloaf and boobs, let alone using that as the title of your post.  But hey, a girls got a quota to fill and you evidently have nothing better to do so sit back and I will tell you a story of Meatloaf and the knockers.

First off, Meat is a pretty cool guy.  A neighbor here in Connecticut who coaches softball and may even mow his own lawn.  He was on Celebrity Apprentice where he showed his insane side, which made me like him a bit, cuz he was just so imbalanced.

Meaty was featured in the 1999 film Fight Club, also starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt.  This film gets way too much screen time in my house cuz my kid is obsessed with it.

While playing Bob, a role which required him to wear a fat suit, Meat Loaf developed sympathy for busty broads. “Those things were made of flax seed, and weighed 28 pounds,” Meat Loaf told Q magazine. “Now when I see women with large breasts I feel sorry for them.”

I find it most interesting that he required a fat suit considering he is known for his weight and well his name sort of implies it.  But I digress, Meatloaf continues:

“The character was supposed to be 26 years old and I was close to 50 when I made that movie,” he said. “[The director, David] Fincher does a lot of takes, and after the 40th take Fincher said, ‘Can you do this run or do we need to put a stunt man in?’ But I refused to let him use a stuntman. I did the run.”


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