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John Mendelsohn is one of our more unique pop personalities, the  former top rock critic turned pop star hammering at the door of mainstream success,is like no one you have ever heard of. Abrasively American and in your face but in an intense and thoughtful way, he went from LA glam rocker of the 70s to post-pop 60s Girl rocker he’s a rebel sans doo wop Londoner in the 2010s. He builds and burns bridges with a soupcon of salt, while detailing his struggles with suicidal thoughts in a world at the forefront of a world on the verge of self-immolation, on his s blog Mendel Illness.

John is always up to something, even if  Trump bashing is not his finest hour, the despicable POTUS  has Mendelsohn resorting to pulling out his tongue and giving the finger. though the rest of his skills are certainly in tact. John has bioed himself as follows: “I was born a very long time ago, and was still alive at the time of the composition of this brief autobiography. Lots of my music may be savoured at And do visit my band’s Website: Moreover, lots of my fiction is available for download from Finally, lots of my commercial…creative work may be glimpsed at”

A couple of years ago, I really admired his previous band, The Romanovs (Elle Smith reviewed their 2015 gig for us here), for whom John played drums, sang, and wrote. He has a taste for female lead singers while performing vivisections on pop norms. From hard jingle jangles  to experimental symphonic pop redrawn for a rock group dynamic, the man’s taste roams the landscape. Don’t believe me? Listen here to his current band, the UK based the Freudian Sluts, where some twenty songs exist to turn you over. Fourteen of them are John 101, the other five introduce his new, fine, lead singer Suz De La Luz as well; you can hear what John admires so much in her, Suz has soul without being overbearing, there is no  Aretha but plenty of Shirley Owens.

John himself is a prolific songwriter, always knocking off tune after tune, indifferent to form and genre as he writes about any old non cliché: supermodels, his estranged daughter,  the jazzy dream song hysterically called “I Married A Knobhead”. The band is solid, they play well together and the guitarist is a good one. They sound like the Magnetic Fields circa 69 Love Songs, only cooler. This is what the band have to say about themselves: “The Freudian Sluts formed in SW London in 2015 with the intention of restoring pop music’s good name. Theirs is the kind of pop that flourished in the mid-60s. They play short, highly melodic songs with literate, often acerbic, sometimes heartbreaking lyrics. They pack a wallop, but don’t keep bellowing at you, terrified you might forget. Some have compared them to The Smiths, but without the relentless melancholia.”

I’ll buy into that because my problem with the Freudian Sluts isn’t musical, it is distribution. In 2017 there is no excuse at all for not having your music on streaming services. It costs nothing to get on Spotify or Apple Music and it is almost a necessity if you are serious -you need to get on to playlists. The Freudian Sluts five song debut EP is  available on Soundcloud and  from the pumped up organ or “A Married Man” to Suz’s two tracks in the middle, it is a real good sound that shouldn’t be in a musical ghetto.

The Freudian Sluts have been playing in London and are  a lucky break away from breaking through in a country where back in the 70s the Pretenders broke through by buying 20,000 copies of their first single and getting on Top Of The Pops. “I Married A Knobhead” is catchy as all get out and “This Supermodel” is a strong anchor for the EP. Re-Introducing The Freudian Sluts is available here tomorrow.


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  1. Jill matthews

    John is a brilliantly talented, intensely private person, yet someone who strangely yearns for recognition, publicity and fame, which he and his band so richly deserve. Apart from Dazza who is an Arsenal supporter of all things!


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