Memorial Songs, A Playlist of Memorable Things

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There are always songs that stick with you, and hold a memory.  Lately, I keep going back to these…memorial songs.  Of course everyone's list is different because of experiences we all have, but there are just some songs that you feel the need to share.

"The Calendar Hung Itself…"- Bright Eyes.  A lot of this song is just good to listen to when you're in a bad mood, because it pulls you right out of it.  The dischordant noise of it is good for when you're feeling frustrated- it's freeing.  When I first heard it, it was when I was missing a loved one.  The tune incorporates the lines "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine," and "You make me happy, oh when skies are grey".  That's a song that my grandmother used to sing to me all the time, and hearing it has always stayed resonant.

"I and I"- Bayside.  I knew I loved this band when I heard a lyric that was such an intense statement of positivity.  "I spent years thinking that I was alone.  Now I know that I'm not and I'm sharing that comfort with those who think that hope is lost."  When I heard this, something just clicked.  I guess that hearing that being said took Bayside from being a cool group with nice musicianship to an entirely inspirational group of guys.

"Picking Up The Pieces"- Blue October.  Justin Furstenfeld is a man who's gone through some tough things, now more than ever.  He always writes powerful tunes, and this one in particular has always been a song that I listen to regularly.  The best words sung are "Sometimes I feel like weeping, awake and when I'm sleeping- perfecting how to put a game face on."  That's so strong and realistic.  I love it.

"Bowl of Oranges"- Bright Eyes.  This song reminds me of my mother.  I'm not quite sure why, but it's almost like a lot of what Oberst says is just so relevant.  Though not direct or obvious why it reminds me of my mom, it's all in the underlying message.  It's all about finding the good and staying positive, which is what I always try to do.  My mom helps me with this- she's like my mentor.  I can't help but think about her when this tune comes on shuffle.

"Jesus Christ"- Brand New.  I love this band, and this song is easily the best one they've ever written.  The way it's composed is so gentle; it's like raindrops.  It's sad, but looking at it with a positive attitude and from a distance is a completely different experience.  The most clever and intriguing lyrics is "What did you do those three days you were dead?  'Cause this problem's gonna last more than the weekend."  I didn't really know what to think of it, but now I understand.  Sad songs are good for when you feel down, but just listening to the tune now changes it from sad to hopeful, uplifting. 

Music is more than just lyrics and noise- it is emotional and touching and will constantly change lives.

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