Memory Motel: A Rock And Roll Fantasy, Part Five Section Three: Mother And Daughter

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33 – Mother And Daughter

Hannah Fellowes sat in her living room, sipping gin and tonics, a maid brought to her every ten minutes. July 3rd, they’d be leaving for New York on July 5th, the final concert was July 7th, they had a suite reserved at the Marriott and Phillip, Michelle, Mike and she would be there. That’s what she knew. But what else? I guess there was Susan Joly to lead them and I guess they wouldn’t be going if they weren’t going to be able to see them but so many questions and so few answers. And Phillip. And her Mom. It was Gloria who was standing at the door, she looked drunk, she looked upset. “Your daughter tells me you’re going to New York.”

“Yes, what has it to do with you.”

“She says something big is happening.”

“Same question.”

“What is happening. Is she in danger?”

“Really, Mom, you’re drunk, go home, this has nothing whatsoever do do with you, it doesn’t matter. Just live your life and fuck your boyfriends and leave us alone to deal with problems, the way you always have.”

“I don’t know what you mean, you have always blamed me for stuff I didn’t do.”

“I’ve never blamed you for anything Mom, I get it, at least in theory, but I am not interested. It isn’t my story. And if I needed you when when I was twenty I don’t need you now.”

“You mean fifteen.”

“I mean fifteen, yes.
I didn’t kill your father you know.”

Gloria snapped her finger at the maid who disappeared and reappeared with a seven and seven “I had nothing to do with anything.”

“Is that why you had your boyfriend in the bedroom during the wake? Is that why you fucked another man the day he died?”

“That was none of your business.”

“Whatever, I agree Mom now go away or I won’t let you back.”

“Are you threatening me?

“You know what I am capable of.”

“Everybody knows what you are capable of. I may have slept with another man the day Dad died but at least I was with him, look at what you did to Phillip. How do you sleep at night?”

“He’s a murderer.”

“If you really believe that what is he doing here with you now?”

“I thought he was a murderer.”

“You were terrible to him, unforgivable. He may well be Michelle’s father.”

“He may be many things.”

“I didn’t come here to argue…”

“Then what? What do you want? It is too late for us, you left it too long. We needed a matriarch, we needed something to keep us glued together and you abdicated. You were too selfish, too terrible to do the things you needed to do to keep us together. I needed a Mom, I needed you to comfort me. So did the guys. We turned to you and you were counting the dollars and studying the will and fucking a guy just into his 20s and we were like… what is happening to us?”

“I was young myself, I didn’t mean to hurt you, but what do you want? People are people, just because we are parents doesn’t make us good. I was living my life.”

“Why involve us.”

“Dad was no angel, you know. He had lovers all through our marriage.”

“Perhaps, but he never brought it home, he never made us an accessory after the fact.”

“It wasn’t like that, that isn’t the way it happened…  it wasn’t about anything but, I was young and I needed to know. I need…”


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